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About MGAG

Established in 2015, MGAG is marketing company based in Malaysia that connects with locals on a daily basis. We create localized digital content for Millenials and Gen Z, particularly memes and videos reaching over a few million Malaysians weekly through our four content distribution channels.

MGAG'S mission is to make every Malaysian's day better by creating quality content that engages and entertains.

MGAG  is a part of a bigger network!

HEPMIL MEDIA GROUP is a Southeast Asia network of technology-driven media companies that serves to better the lives of millions through the creation and delivery of millennial centric digital content.

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Hepmil Media Group


Hepmil Media GroupHEPMIL MEDIA GROUP is a network of technology driven media companies that serves to better the lives of millions in Southeast Asia through content that engages and entertains.

SGAG (Singapore)SGAG is Singapore’s first influential comedy platform owned by Hepmil Media group. SGAG first started in 2012 connecting with locals daily by delivering localised humour with iconic memes and videos, reaching 2 million Singaporeans.

MGAG (Malaysia)On August 5, 2015, SGAG launched MGAG, the Malaysian branch of the company - one of the fastest-growing Millennial and Gen Z centric digital platforms in Malaysia.

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PGAG (Philippines)Launched on January 21, 2018, PGAG is a marketing company that connects with Filipino Millennials and Gen Z on a daily basis through localized digital content. 

Hepmil Creators Network (Offices in SG, MY, PH)Started in 2020, Hepmil Creators' Network (HCN) offers Southeast Asia's independent comedy content creators, including those on TikTok, with business opportunities. This is all while leveraging the company's expertise in comedy to mentor these talents.

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